Working since 2011

Making various scale game projects for gamers all around the world.  

Original features

Our games are based on daring & original ideas for unique gaming experience.

Enthusiastic team

We work with inspiration using the most powerful bleeding-edge technologies.

OUR Current project


Explore a gloomy rooms of damned sci-fi base as a doomed marine, only survivor of the portal experiment. Save humanity like in 90’s with your trusty shotgun, paving a way through ominous corridors inhabited by the shadows of sinners and evil spirits.


First-person shooter built on authentic 15-year-old BIMA (FPS Creator) engine

Quake with fear!

Horror, action and demons mixed together with solid aggresive gameplay

True to the roots

Carefully adds modern elements to a classical FPS designs

SCi-fi and dungeons

Laboratories, military bases & old temples avaits you!


  • The atmosphere of cold horror and loneliness, broken only by fierce battles with demons.
  • The body of your hero is too human, and one blow of the clawed paw can be fatal. Feed on the power of your enemies to become more powerful!
  • Each opponent requires a different approach. They don’t just push through – they have a tactics, and they stick to it.
  • You are confronted not by faceless evil, but by the enterprising’n active general of Hell. This walk wouldn’t be easy!
  • Move around the battlefield with a grappling hook, freeze enemies, destroy their shields, improvise!
  • Wide arsenal of tools of destruction, from the usual shotguns and chainguns, to exotics like the dematerializer.

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Our previous projects

Look at some other our works

Lost Flagship

A 4-x turn-based space strategy build on “control points” mechanics


A series of small Doom-based visual design projects


A nice classical casual arcade game about pigs and dogs

Shadow Transform

A great Unity asset tool, with a small built-in game inside

Feed The Sun

A tank-shooting arcade game based on constant energy management, cancelled due to internal problems


A martian rover physical-based simulator, built specifically for the Izobretarium training course

We are a game development indie studio from ex-USSR

A few things we’re great at

Our key capabilities and powers 

mature team

Average age of our team is 30 years.
We have a lot of professional experience.

Old-school design

We are experienced gamers. We remember what games used to be, and we understand how to make them this way.

Fast development cycle

We wastly use a fast prototyping software and small iterations to make a high-quality results faster than others.


We love gamers.
We’re making games to entertain them, excite, amaze them.

Our Team

There are permanent members of Madness Studio

Ivan Klenov

Team founder
Game-design & programming

Vladimir Buzov

Creator of monsters
Art-design’ and 3D-artist

Ilia N

Live “heavy metal” music

Alexander Samovich

Social media management & PR

Roman Lariniac

Digital synthesis in music

Ivan Asmetkov

Script, dialogues, characters.

Peter Shestakov

Game levels and mechanics

Contact us

If you want to make a business proposal, or just talk 🙂